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November 07 2015

Camilan Dadar Gulung Dengan Isi Ketan

Camilan Dadar Gulung Dengan Isi Ketan - The planting medium is an absolute component when planting will take place. Planting medium that will be used shall be adjusted to the type of plant that wants to be planted. Determine appropriate planting medium and standards for each type of plant that is not the source of habitat are factors difficult.

This factor because each area has humidity and wind speed are not the same. By way of general, compulsory planting medium can keep the roots moist areas more or less, provide a tolerable air, and can withstand occurrences of nutrients. Types of planting medium used in each area was the same routine. In Southeast Asia, for instance, since 1940 wears planting medium broken bricks, charcoal, coconut fiber, coconut shell, aka the fern stems.

The materials are also not only used by way of a single, but can be combined between the material with each other. For instance, fern and charcoal mixed with a certain ratio to become the new planting medium. Ferns can also be mixed with broken bricks. To obtain a good planting medium and in accordance with the type of crop that will be planted, a kegemaranis required to have an understanding of the characteristics of the planting medium that may not be the same depending on each type. by type of constituent materials, the planting medium can be divided into organic and inorganic materials.

Bahan Bumbu Soto Ayam Khas Jakarta

Bahan Bumbu Soto Ayam Khas Jakarta - If you are a person who each day can not be separated from sports activities, articles about the benefits of water seems very suitable for you, but otherwise I hope this article can motivate you to regularly meet daily fluid requirements.

Beauty Care First, the water offers properties for the skin. Meet the need of water each day so helps maintain skin conditions remain tight, supple and smooth. Although basically dark your skin, your skin stays clear hygiene is seen both eyes.

Streamlining Digestive System To process food and convert it into energy the body, the gut needs a lot of fluids. Therefore, in order that the digestive process running smoothly you are required by your body itself to drink plenty of water.
Improve Immune System and Fertility From the results of the research laboratory thrombosis research institute in London. England, someone who every time the shower using cold water the body will feel fresh, fit and much energy. Shower using cold water also increases the production of white blood cells in the body and increases the body's immune system.

While taking a shower with cold water in the morning can increase the production of the hormone testosterone in men and estrogen in women. Which in turn raises the level of fertility sexual gairan will increase.

October 12 2015

Yuk Masak Semur Daging Ala Sunda

Yuk Masak Semur Daging Ala Sunda - is one of the original Betawi traditional foods that many enjoy doing because of the deliciousness that is rich in natural Indonesian spices. Uduk rice is also known from the aroma that makes power Pull appetite increase. This scent is derived from rice that is cooked not like to cook rice in general. Rice is cooked in different ways to generate a delicious aroma and taste inherent in the tongue. If you are curious, here's how to make rice uduk Betawi. Spicy food is always appealing to execute.

For this type of spicy food itself is so much in Indonesia itself, especially such as meatballs, satay, soup and others. Well, you certainly already know about the grilled meatballs. These snacks are very popular because of baksonya itself is already favors then burned and other spices added. For you fans of spicy meatballs and shall try grilled spicy meatball recipe that is guaranteed to shake the tongue. Do not get too dizzy to begin with, because through this article you can realize your dream spicy grilled meatballs. Let's continue to read! The initial step, 500 grams of white rice cooked in advance. The rice should not be too ripe or not to be rice (only half cooked). If the rice was half cooked, put on a pot that has been provided. Boil 600 ml coconut milk until boiling.

Enter leaf lemongrass, bay leaves, pandan leaves in coconut milk, then give coriander and salt that has been in the drinks. Enter the coconut milk that has been cooked in a pot of parboiled rice. Coconut milk in the insert as many as 1 knuckle of over rice. Then cook until the coconut milk in a saucepan exhausted. Steamed rice and wait until it is fully cooked. For the sauce, mix the peanut sauce ingredients that has been provided above, then blend the ingredients. Add a little water when smoothing material peanut sauce. Serve rice uduk mature. Add chili fries then give a complement to the rice dish uduk. Betawi uduk rice ready to eat.

Coba Masak Rendang Daging Bumbu Pedas

Coba Masak Rendang Daging Bumbu Pedas - To create culinary delights and delicious you do not have to always pay too much, but just a slight cost is also the simple matter of course, you can enjoy delicious foods like tempeh penyet example. Tempe penyet here is a food made of fried tempeh, but flavored with spicy seasoning or condiment made by dipenyet also commonly presented using a mortar.

This delicious food can certainly make you be tempted because of the delicacy of taste is so tempting. Tempeh recipe penyet this one we will discuss the manufacturing process in a way that is easy for you to practice your home. It is very easy and simple, but to make it more details, please refer to the recipe to make tempeh penyet this one. Capcay vegetables is always a much anticipated meal. Capcay is intentionally made of various types of vegetables consumed healthy so it is good for health.

Capcay is known as food tebuat of healthy vegetables, but these foods can also be combined with seafood such as shrimp or squid for example the circular cut. Of course, this food has a taste that is delicious and has a more special. In addition, capcay also can be made by having a savory or spicy flavors are not too spicy, everything can be customized to your liking. Capcay has two types namely capcay capca fries and gravy, but both still have a robust flavor. However, for this type of capcay which will be presented following a capcay made by frying. Capcay as capcay fry sauce can be used as a side dish.

August 17 2015

Masak Puding Coklat Bersama Sahabat

Masak Puding Coklat Bersama Sahabat - balls pastries Chocolate is made from marie biscuit or biscuit crushed milk, sweetened condensed milk and given that the cake can be fused and can you form into a spherical dots. After the round and you just need to stick to oust him in a chocolate cake last meses that sphere has meses delicious brown blanket. Extra chocolate bars in flavors chocolate cake marie add more sticky and sweet. Here's the recipe more.

100 grams of cake marie (puree)
4 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk
50 gram chocolate bars (melted)
50 grams of chocolate meses

How to make
Puree cake marie. Then enter the sweetened condensed milk and form balls the size of marbles. Bake in oven about 15 minutes or until dry
Dip cookies into melted chocolate, then roll into chocolate meses
Put it in the refrigerator to harden the chocolate and pastry remains crisp

Very easy to make recipe Chocolate balls so that anyone can easily make these cookies creations. Brown balls definitely favored by those who like sweet foods with intense chocolate flavor and are felt on the tongue.

Masak Bolu Gulung Dengan Toping Keju

Masak Bolu Gulung Dengan Toping Keju - You buff black rice-based foods definitely liked recipes we present this time, Brownies Recipe Ketan Black. Brownies is made from black glutinous black rice flour, which is made from black glutinous broken skin. Black rice contains more fiber than white sticky rice. In addition, the antioxidants found in black rice useful for reducing the effects of free radicals is one of the causes of cancer.

Well, the benefits of black rice is very much yes! Especially if combined with the delicacy of brownies. Brownies steamed black rice has a different texture to other types of steamed brownies tend to be lighter and softer. These brownies are generally more dense as black rice flour-based, but no less tasty with ordinary brownies! Interested to immediately try out at home, right?

Heat a steamer pot with enough water
In the container, put the eggs, vanilla powder, cake emulsifier, sugar, and salt. Then shake by using a mixer. Stir until the color changes and expands.
Enter the black glutinous rice flour and baking powder mixed into a dough, and sifted. Then enter the batter slowly into the batter already dimixer. Mix well.
Melt margarine and butter together sweetened condensed milk until it becomes liquid. After the liquid, pour it into the batter little by little until well blended.
Pour the batter into the pan, steamed with a steamer pan for 45 minutes.
Once cooked, remove and let cool. Cut into pieces and serve brownies.

You can present additional brownie black rice with toppings such as grated cheese, meises, or refined sugar, if desired, so it looks more attractive. Serve Brownies Black Ketan other along your favorite dish. Good luck!
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